IMU INGENIERÍA MUNICIPAL editorial provides readers with a complete understanding of the fast moving sustainable urban development, smart cities and environment markets.


Get ahead of competition. IMU INGENIERÍA MUNICIPAL offers timely information to improve your companies’ operations and results.

Written in Spanish by a highly qualified editorial staff, IMU INGENIERÍA MUNICIPAL offers exclusive information, latest news, statistics, technology, reports, company profiles, equipment, systems and services in the fields of:  

  • Infrastructures
  • Environment
  • Street cleaning and maintenance
  • Solid waste management
  • Air and noise pollution
  • Urban elements, furniture and equipment
  • Mobility and transport
  • Green areas: parks & gardens
  • Public lighting
  • Public sports & leisure equipment
  • Energy management
  • E-administration
  • Technology and solutions for smart cities
  • Management of the complete cycle of water
  • Education, exhibits and seminars
  • Public and private associations and institutions


The water and wastewater global industry has a special interest in urban sustainable development. IMU INGENIERIA MUNICIPAL features in every edition a special supplement: AGUA PROFESIONAL dedicated to the management of the cycle of water. A technical publication covering latest news, case studies, market information and technology on the water, waste water, urban water management, water utility management and industrial water global industry.

IMU INGENIERIA MUNICIPAL provides readership with exclusive monthly special reports and case studies of key projects.

Ask now for our 2013 IMU INGENIERIA MUNICIPAL Editorial Calendar and know in advance what major editorial features are planned in forthcoming issues:


Portada edición número 356
Planta de Valorización Energética de Residuos Zabalgarbi (Bizkaia), galardonada con el Premio Nova 2024



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